Dear Wesa enthusiasts, dear shop visitors

Today I was able to hand over the last finished products to my successor. The spare parts will follow at the end of February. From around February 15, 2020 my successor will introduce himself. But already so much: it continues with Wesa! The Wesa shop will continue to run; soon with renewed vigor! I wish my successor a lot of fun and joy.

It was nice to share our passion for Wesa with you. In this short period of work, it meant a lot to me to maintain Wesa and bring it closer to one or the other. I was able to share endless hours of pleasure with you, talk shop, look for solutions. The toy markets, the fascination of producing, researching, checking, repairing and trading are unforgettable.

Thank you for your loyalty and patience, but also for your cooperation. As a career changer, I was dependent on you. But I am aware that I have very many dear people to thank. A big thank you at this point!

Your Bernard